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Friday, December 12, 2008

How This All Came About

I caught Jeff in a casual moment reading not long ago when we were in Poland on "car docs" business. We have been married for soon to be 25 years. He took a short-term mission trip to Ukraine in '92, then another and said he wanted to move. I thought, "are you crazy?" I said, "I don't even want to move across the street, much less across the world." A long story short and God softening my heart, we are now in our 15th year in Ukraine. My college-aged dreams of traveling Europe have been fulfilled, I just never dreamed (in my wildest of dreams), that it would be fulfilled in this way. So it has been a wild adventure. Not always easy, sometimes extremely challenging, but I wouldn't change a thing. Jeff is my hero, my mentor, my best friend and he's the one, holding hands with Our Creator, that has brought this all about. How long we will be here is anybodies guess, but it is not a guess to the One who sent us, so we shall see.

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