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Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Generation Wedding Invitation

This is to tell you a little bit about our family. Leah is 22 years old (just 2 days ago on the 16th). Since she was a little bitty thing she used to emote over wedding processions when she saw them drive by. I suppose it was that fairy tale thing about little girls and weddings. Well, that interest has never left her and I know she does hope to marry someday. Thus, we make it a habit to collect wedding invitations in a file since we know, as missionaries, that will probably be a do-it-yourself project. Well, this is not one we can put in that file, but it was so clever I thought I'd show it to you all here. Have fun. Oh, and don't let the title throw you off...no vampires.


  1. I really think this video is amazing and very interactive.

  2. I did too which is why I put it on there. I like the creativity. Took a lot of work as well.


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