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Monday, August 10, 2009

Jaime Jorge, Poltava, Ukraine

My dear husband, Jeff and the violinist, Jaime Jorge left today for Eastern Ukraine to do a concert tonight in the town of Poltava. Leah and I stayed behind. It used to be that on the first day after Jeff left (he travels A LOT) I would be a bit aimless for a day and sometimes a little bummed, but that doesn't go on now and I look forward to the times alone. I suppose you could call that growth, as I am now better at planning projects, listening to Christian music and spending time with the Lord. No, I don't sit around on my knees all day. I'm much too hyper for that, but as I work in the garden or in my studio I practice His presence in my heart. It is a time of peace and joy and a time of prayer. Today I'm praying for safety in travel for Jeff and Jaime. In addition, I'm praying that the concert would go well and many would come and be touched for the Kingdom, that there would be no interference and all equipment would work well. Would you join me in this for the next week? They will do a concert every night this week and two mornings. Altogether he will do 11 concerts in 8 days. They need our prayer support. May God be glorified.

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  1. Either you are too hyper for that or your knees would scream after an hour!!!

    I pray that people will come to know Jesus through his tour this year!


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