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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Times, They are a Changin' in Ukraine

This seems hard to believe, but, as I sit and type, I am in a McDonald's (fastfood) Restaurant in the capital city of Kiev. I am using their free-access wi-fi. Now, understand, if I were in America I would never be in a McD's as it would not be my place of choice for eating. On the other hand, here in Ukraine, there are some things we can count on with McD's. We know the menu, so selection is easy (I did say, not my choice??), the place is clean and service is fast. That is, after you stand in the long line of everyone else waiting to eat and all cashiers busy. And maybe most importantly, one can count on clean bathrooms, though you may well wait in line for that also. Did I say we've been here 15 years? I can remember when we lived in the little Crimean village of Nikolaieva after we first arrived. That was our first 3 1/2 ('94-'97) years in Ukraine. The day I saw that bright red and white Coca Cola truck come through I almost jumped up and down for joy. I know what most of you are thinking now.... she must be crazy about Coke. Well, on the contrary, I certainly am not, since I am much more conscious of good diet than that. What that Coke truck represented back then was a tie to our homeland. A tie to what was familiar, a tie to our culture. Well, here I am doing wi-fi at McDonalds and I must admit that Coke trucks just don't do it for me anymore. Yes, things are a changin' in Ukraine. You should see some of our slick malls. They'd give fair competition to anything in America. Life certainly is interesting and it certainly is changin'.

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