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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back Yard Beauty

I just cannot resist these marvelous creatures. Yesterday my dear husband was in town for only 8 hours so I picked him up at the airport and we were together until I took him back. While out, I spied a garden center (these are relatively new in Ukraine) and had to go take a peek. As if I don't have enough lilies in the yard, a good price on one almost done for the season, tempted me and came home with me. Though this is not it, I wanted to show you the richness of this one in my back yard. I have to keep hunting new spots to tuck in the lilies and roses. So far no new roses this year, but along with the lily came home a chrysanthemum of variegated red and white. Maybe I'll get a picture of it on here later, but it was so lovely I couldn't resist. Good thing I don't do the same with lost dogs or I'd really be in trouble.

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