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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, Snow

Snow, Snow go away, come back another day. I know anyone who lives in a snowy area is getting tired of it by the time they get to February. For us this only means another month or so. I say "or so" because we could get snow as late as April or May, but the stuff that stays on the ground will start melting in mid to late March. This shot is from our front door looking toward the street. I thought it was interesting how the flash in this night shot caught the snowflakes. In summer the arch has clematis growing over it and the sidewalk is surrounded with flowers. Ahemm (sigh, longing for spring).


  1. But here in Texas - we love our snow - It started this morning and the ground is not quite covered... Just a preview before we head to Colorado on Sunday! I love it! (sorry - just can't help myself) We're praying snow snow - stay today!

  2. The snow does make for a lovely picture! =)

    --Kristen (swap-bot beautifulordinary)

  3. In Holland we are fed up with snow as well. Not that we have huge piles. but since Christmas there's been snow, turning into ice, melting away and 2 days later all over again. It feels like the weather is teasing us.

    But spring is around the corner!

    Following you thanks to swap-bot!

  4. This is LadyRose for Swap-bot and i love ur blog.


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