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Sunday, October 11, 2009

2010 Life Path Challenge

We are about to soon turn the calendar over to a double digit,2010. No doubt the year will be historical in many ways, both nationally, worldwide and for each of us personally. Therefore, I am developing an idea that I think some of you might enjoy playing along with. It is a challenge to do a weekly question next year. This question can be interpreted in a number of ways. You can simply write about it or you can do a piece of artwork that represents the question. It is wide open as to how you interpret this challenge. The idea is to get you thinking and delving into questions of life that will bring the end of 2010 to a more satisfying conclusion and give you an opportunity to develop more creatively(if you want to) in the area of art, writing, poetry or ???. It will be totally personal and answers need not be shared with anyone though I envision us having a group Flickr site to post any artwork we do so we can share with one another. If you like this idea or would like to suggest a question, just post a comment below by hitting the "comment" button. Then stay in touch to see how this all develops. Should be fun.

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