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Saturday, October 3, 2009


I know you haven't seen much of me lately on here, but there has been so many exciting things going on that it's just hard to juggle it all. Tomorrow will be our 4th session of Sunday school(SS) . We are doing things a bit different this year. Each year SS has been rather demanding for my team and I. Therefore we are making changes. Actually, it started last year with all the older classes scrapbooking their SS year. This year they are already underway with their new books. Last week we scrapped in the pastor (and wife) along with the picture of the church. Now, what we are doing differently this year in the younger groups is supplying them with crafts for them to do instead of us coming in. Of course, that takes a lot of preplanning so we shall soon see which is the easier method. Since my team goes up and down with who helps, the new system should work better for the teachers since they will be more in control of when they do crafts whether we are there or not. I would certainly appreciate your prayers for my wisdom in how this all goes this year. The other projects are a new website, new endeavor, being creative, a November women's conference (with prayer scrapbook) and much more. I will share more of it here as I can in the near future. May your day be bright and beautiful, filled with His joy.

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