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Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Life Path Challenge, Week 2

Our question for this week: WHAT HABIT WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO ESTABLISH THIS YEAR? I just have to tell you all that I've had some encouraging comments of a number of people that are doing this challenge including a 7th Grade class. How cool is that to have 7th graders thinking on such life topics as they will have with these questions throughout the year. Now that is a pretty innovative teacher who is going to really make them think. I'm sorry to say, I still have not gotten our gallery up for this challenge. I will try to work on that, but in Ukraine we are still in the Christmas season. We have our last children's event this weekend where we will be entertaining an auditorium full of handicapped kids. Please pray for us that this would all go well. You who are doing this challenge are a great encouragement to me so please feel free to leave comments about how it is going for you. Blessings, Coleen


  1. I've started my book but so far only done the first week. I may find it difficult to keep up every week but I intend to try. I've posted the first page on my blog.

  2. Jaine, just do what you can, but do the questions. You can always craft them later. I love what you did. Would you believe there is a 7th grade class doing this....is that so cool?!! Get out Jaine's take on Week 1 here: http://craftydrake.blogspot.com/


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